Q&A with Shannon Harris

The name “full circled” was created to embody both the upcoming event of the Grace Gallery’s one year anniversary as well as the amazing tapestry God has a way of weaving  together. He continues to prove to me time and time again that the 25 years I have devoted to being a creative, Has been a divine plan all along.  He is breathing new life into projects, people and relationships {ie #tribe}.
As we approach spring and this Easter season what a perfect time to see His glory revealing all the amazing blessings. Over the next few weeks I will be blogging some thoughts on art, life and mamahood.
Here is a start with some questions I’ve recently been asked:)
Q: Does is it concern you to teach people my techniques in my classes?  
A: At one point it did... not gonna lie!! But I’ve realized after years of refining processes and GOD turning negatives into positives, I discovered I was actually a good teacher (not a good delegator, lol still working on that one!)  and it’s super fun to put people at ease and have some “art therapy” with the ladies that have become my friends through art.
Q: How do you juggle being a single mom, busy Artist and gallery owner?
A: Honestly somed not very well, but I get by with a Lotta help from my friends:) 
I’m sure most of y’all have seen me rolling up with my kiddo and the dog. Thank goodness we have a playroom for my little man! 
It has been a struggle though, there were times I didn’t think I was going to make it, just one painting  away from not being able to eat. My circumstances starting out where necessity is the mother of invention. I had nothing to fall back on, no Safety-net no funding  and had to make it primarily on talent and drive . However I’m starting to see the Dawn  through the darkness and the promise of years and years devoted paying off. #tribelove
Q: What is the Vision of my perfect art world ?
A: In a perfect world I’m teaching classes, still maintaining my commission orders and traveling to fabulous places for art shows!!! The latter will come when my mama commitments loosen up! I love to experiment when I have time to free play in my studio try new processes. I am now collaborating with some of the other artists in the gallery and using our creative space as a think tank. It is so much fun, maybe a little messy. 😂
Q: Am I threatened to have another artist in my gallery and my studio?
A: Not at all!!! I started out a brand new art baby having sweet art angel taking a chance on me at the Blue Giraffe in Watercolor, she sold my first piece that day!! It was how I built my confidence and discovered the “true” art heart of artists. That is helping one another as the individuals we all are, (and I have a pretty good eye for talent and drive).  Ironically, the best artists I see and know have struggled, overcome circumstances and it shows. Their work much like my own contains a little of their soul... the pain, the struggle, and the triumph. Art is a beautiful magical therapy for the broken... and we all just need a place to grow— ie the acorn in my logo♥️♥️.
Keep the questions coming!! This exercises another side of my brain!